Test a URL or IP address on malware, phishing and other hazards:

What is urlCheck.info?

urlCheck.info is a Online Reputation-Tool and helps you to analyze websites and ip addresses on different hazards!

Phishing (fake content), fake online shops or the distribution of malware (malicious software) are only a part of such hazards. urlCheck.info tests your entered URLs or IP addresses on such hazards, and uses the databases, blacklists and tools of different providers, and combines these on one platform.

What is Phishing? With phishing, which is a word combination of "password" and is "phishing", try online predators to get passwords and access to accounts of victims. In the most cases, they try this with the help of fake content.
What is malware? The term malware encompasses all types of software, such as viruses, Trojans, spyware, dialers, Dropper, rootkits and keyloggers, which are intended to inflict damage on the system of the victim. Malware can, among other things, hide behind links or attachments. Also like phishing, try the perpetrators with the pretense of false content, to install malware on the systems of the victims.