API - Application Programming Interface

The API of urlCheck.info is useful for website owners or similar online applications and enable the use of the tools or access to the internal database of urlCheck.info.

The here are listed freely usable APIs are free for their use.


Check the external links on your website prior to the call with urlCheck.info.

In the age of the Web 2.0, you have not always the control over all links to external websites!
Protect your website users from potential bad external links and use the free LinkCheck by urlCheck.info.

All external links on your website are regularly checked by urlCheck.info and forwarded to this link in case of success. All these links are modified as follows:

<a href="https://urlcheck.info/api/linkcheck/?urlorip=http://external-link.com">External website</a>
Click on this link to test the LinkCheck...

Insert the following JavaScript code in the HTML header (<head>...</head>) of your website: